All about Replica Rolex Watches


Undoubtedly Rolex watches have earned its name through demonstration quality. Since 1905, Rolex has been around, and still its watches are synonyms as wealth and luxury. All is good with Rolex watches in terms of reliability and quality. But, on the other hand, Rolex demands skyrocketing prices against their timeless watches. Most of the people can’t afford these luxuries, and they seek reliable replica Rolex.One of the reliable replica Rolex dealer is solidswiss available on web offering high quality replicas. Even though these are counterfeited or copied, but a fashionista accompaniment for an individual. Nowadays Replica industry has developed in parallel of luxury manufacturers. And most probably replica Rolex watches are the most selling commodities in the replica market. You may found different perceptions towards replica Rolex but truth is that these watches are welcomed by people from around the globe. Experts believe that above 20,000 replicas Rolex watches are being sold on the web daily. According a recent study it has come to know that more than 30% people want replica watches from those who surf on the web for watches.

Importantly, all replica Rolex watches are not of quality timepieces. A number of dealers are available to pick a reliable replica from but probably your job is to give the best value to your money. In this regards, you must understand the techniques that can help you in spotting a valuable replica Rolex. Here high quality Replica Rolex means the watches that produced in Switzerland, not in China or Asian states. Keep in mind replica Rolex timepieces are the identical copy of authentic Rolex watches. They are crafted with intent to feel like the original while saving money also. You just pay for the watch not things around it.

There are some measurements regarding how you can get the best replica Rolex. Both quality replica Rolex and authentic Rolex watches contained automatic movement. Movement in a watch is the most important part that is considered to be responsible for maintaining the time. You must go with replica Rolex that contained 27 jewel mechanisms either ETA or Valijoux movement. Notice the material, is it scratchproof such as 904L stainless steel. That must have sapphire or mineral crystal. Both crystals are considered reliable for replica watches even authentic watch brands used them in their production. Although replica Rolex watches are not made of precious material but used quality material in their manufacturing.

If you are serious in giving value to your hard earned money then go with a right replica Rolex for a lifestyle accessory. Thousands of people from around the world have got this opportunity. Rolex authentic watches may survive for a lifelong, but a quality replica Rolex can survive up to 10 years if it maintained properly. But with these watches you can save thousands of dollars. It’s all about choice, would you prefer to collect different watches for different occasions or want to stay with a single watch. A quality replica Rolex usually can get in the range of $800 to $1500. Under this range, no vendor can’t offer quality replica Rolex.

An Overview of Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Ref 116506 and Its Affordability


When it comes to the Rolex sports collection probably, its Daytona is arguably most stupendous watch series. Rolex is well reputed watchmaker in terms of luxury and stunning timepieces. Affordability is a major obstruction for many people when it demands Rolex watches. Doubtlessly Rolex produced striking timepieces that can synonyms for luxury, but what to do when you can buy just because of their sheer prices. Thanks to replica watch industry that makes it possible to accompaniment the eagerness. Many reputed vendors such as Solidswiss are providing high quality replica rolex timepieces at affordable cost. In this article, I am going to take an overview of stunning Cosmograph Rolex Ref. 116506 and how can you make it affordable with quality Swiss Replica Rolex watches. Let me explore it.

Initially, Daytona Rolex was introduced in 1963 to meet the professional racing drivers’ needs. But the new Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 the 40mm case released in 2013 that exactly transformed the watch wonders to collectors. It’s an entirely 950 platinum case with ice blue dial. Probably it will not wrong if we compare it with notably the Day Date II and Daytona early models. Ice blue color was featured before in Day Date II, and tobacco brown bezel received the update in Everose Daytona before. The iconic model contained Calibre 4130 movement inside the case. For me, the most interesting part is its ice blue face and tobacco brown bezel in this case. That is a fabulous combination and suits well altogether. It seems Rolex considers special composite to be reserved solely for platinum watches. Moving forward three pieces solid Oyster bracelet is an incredible addition in this case that wholly made with platinum.  In fact, Rolex went ahead and introduced a unique piece under the label Cosmograph Daytona. For Daytona lovers, it was a special gift.

At 40mm wide case this Daytona is a medium sized wristwatch and probably in solid platinum it comes in the list of heaviest watches. Although platinum is not favorable luxury material, but certainly people appreciated the case because of its quirks and rarity.

On eBay NEW PLATINUM ROLEX COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA 116506 Ice, Blue Glacier Dial is available for a price $58,500. This iconic timepiece lies in the list of high priced Daytona collection, and most probably many watch lovers can’t afford this watch. On the other hand you can get high quality cloned Daytona just under $1500 from any reputed replica vendor. Swiss Replica Rolex collection offers the same detail as original brand offered wristwatches at very competitive prices. Almost everyone on this planet wants to be a fashionista and replica versions are enough to complement the fashion enthusiasm. Further, if you can afford an original Rolex then must go with the authentic case but have the option of replica Rolex watches when can’t afford authentic one.

Things vary from person to person, for me its absolute a right decision to buy quality replica version when you can’t afford an authentic one. In addition, replica watches are going to be trendy in these days. Almost 15 to 30 percent people that search on the web for watches demand replica watches.

Comparing the Rolex Yacht Master and Yacht Master ll by

Rolex Yacht Master

Time is one of the most precious thing in life. It influences every single moment in our life and everything we do. That is why; a good wristwatch is the most important thing of successful peoples. However, luxury wristwatches are expensive enough that everyone cannot afford to buy them. Replica watches are perfect alternate of luxury watches because they have all the features of luxury watches with appropriate price. is an authentic website for buying replica watches.

Rolex Yacht-Master

The Origin of the wrist-watch goes back to the 16th century. Wristwatch was first introduced by Robert Dudley in 1571 which was known as an armed watch. In the beginning, wrist-watches were worn by women, men used to carry pocket-watches till early 20th century. Rolex is no-doubt the most reliable watch brand company in the world. Rolex is a perfect wrist-watch for professional users. There are different models released by Rolex for various aspects. Rolex Yacht-Master is perfect sports watch issued by Rolex in 1992. It was first introduced with the model no of 16628 with 18-carat yellow gold. After two years in 1994, Rolex introduced a lady’s model 69628 and a mid-size man’s model 68628. This was the first time Rolex had ever released a smaller professional size watch. After the same period, time, in 1996, Rolex launched two-tone 18-carat yellow gold and stainless steel for ladies and mid-size line. Then, Rolex released the Yacht-Master in Rolesium in 1997. This term was patented by Rolex in 1932 that gives this watch a platinum and stainless steel construction. The Bezel and dial of Rolex Yacht-Master are platinum and the crown, case, band, etc. are stainless steel. This type is also known as the Platinum Yacht-Master Watch. In 1999, Rolex discontinued the model two-tone 68623, and it was replaced by another two-tone model 168623 in 2000. The primary differences between these two models are the upgraded movement in the new model 168623, and also the heavier 18-carat gold links.

Rolex Yacht-Master ll

Rolex Yacht-Master ll is another fabulous sports wrist-watch that was unveiled in 2007 and first launched in March 20104 with models of 116689 (White Gold) and 116688 (Yellow Gold) by Rolex. After a short time of just one year in 2011, Rolex launched a model 116681 which was made from eve-rose gold and steel. In 2013, at Basel watch fair, the watch was available for the very first time in 904L steel, model 116680, fitted with a Cerachrom bezel insert in blue ceramic. Rolex Yacht-Master ll used 4160 movements initially, after the introduction of model 116690 in 2013 this movement was updated to the movement 4161 that was specially designed for the Rolex Yacht-Master ll. Despite the metal variants, All Yacht-Master ll models have a case diameter of 44mm. Its bezel has a blue Cerachrom insert apart from on type 116689 which is totally platinum. This wrist-watch has a trip-lock crown, screw down, and a sapphire crystal designed for resisting scratch. The Bracelet of the watch is an Oyster design with three main element links. The centre links sometimes polished and gold; it depends on the model of the watch. The clasp has a 5mm extension link built-in.